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Special humming from Maya and Nellie (Telematic Performance!)

21 Apr

Maya wanted to hum with her sister, Nellie.

So she called her and they hummed together.

Anna on the street (2)

16 Apr

Another hums that will make you smile!

Tricia and Chris Humming Together

Fanny and Ella Humming Together

Tommy and His Charming Companion Humming Together


Sophia and Yessica Humming Together

10 Apr

Today we have  a hum from Sophia and her mom, Yessica.

One More Humming from GMS

4 Apr

Humming together…

Humming alone and Humming together at GMS

3 Apr

You can hum alone and you can hum together.

Either way, we listen.

Thank you for your hum!


Yet Another Humming from GMS

2 Apr

Here we another beautiful humming we collected from Gaudalupe Montessori School.

And this song seems to be popular!

Another Humming at GMS

1 Apr

Here is another nice humming from children at Guadalupe Montessori School.

Thank you for the beautiful hum!