Humming Gatherers

Elizabeth (BJ) Allen

I feel so incredibly fortunate to be a BFA student at WNMU. I am a Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts major, and I focus on video (and photography), sound, and metal sculpture. My work tends to lean toward exploring nature, death, and the subconscious. I love how I am learning to combine media to express these themes. This humming project appeals to me because of the intimate, almost subconscious nature of remembering and expressing our early memories of melody. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Kim and the other students involved with this project, as well as the wonderful members of our community.

Anna Davis

Hi.  My name in Anna Davis, a BFA-IDEA major in my junior year at WNMU. I enjoy working with computers to create digital art and making music and sound, performing, and take photographs to make art, and combining different medias to create wild new art. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Silver City Humming project, since I believe community involvement in Art and Art for the community are both very important things.  I’ve really enjoyed collecting a few hums and looking forward to hearing all the hums we collect and meeting many new people!  I can’t wait to see how this all comes together.  I think that many of the aspects of this project are beautiful,-the sound of the humming, the wide range of songs people chose to hum, the intimacy of humming- the nostalgic remembrance of childhood-and the sharing of these collective memories with the people that live in the same community, and the small but not insignificant act of  opening up to share something so personal.

Suk-Jun Kim

I teach sound art at iDEA (Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts), WNMU, and am leading this public sound installation project—Silver City Humming. This project is very dear to me as I truly believe we get to know a place and its people through sounds more than through anything else. I am very honored to have some of the best iDEA students in my team to realize this project. We will do something great and important here.

Doug Miranda

My name is Doug Miranda, and I’m an Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts major at Western New Mexico University.  I am employed as a computer technician part time while I complete my studies. I am a Silver City native and I have also had a passion for the arts, in particular sound. I am enthused to be a part of this project and look forward to collecting the hums from the people of Silver City. My hobbies are music, reading, watching movies, and audio engineering, using computers, and video games.

Cristina Sotelo

HI, my name is Cristina Sotelo. I am majoring with a BFA and an Associates in Graphic Design. I have an open mind and like to participate on almost anything that is related to art. I am also an outgoing person and like to get along with everyone. I am greatfull to be a part of this project because I will get to know others and be a part of what it is that reminds them of their childhood. I am also greatfull to work with Dr. Jun Kim once again and with every participant of this project. Enjoy!

Rob Torres

What can I say… I am an IDEA Major at WNMU with a strong focus on performance arts. I am looking forward to meeting as many people as possible with this project as well as working with students and staff to create something that is uniquely Silver City. I was born and raised here though I have only recently moved back to the area… all I can really say is that it great to be back in the area that nurtured and supported all of my artistic ventures throughout my life. So heres hoping that I will meet whoever reads this while collecting hums.

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